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"Vikane is 100% effective treatment for bedbugs."

Vikane® gas fumigant

Originally developed by the Dow Chemical Company, sulfuryl fluoride is in widespread use as a structural fumigant insecticide to control drywood termites, it is also used to control: Bedbugs, rodents, powderpost beetles and bark beetles.

Vikane® gas fumigant ensures elimination of bedbugs, Vikane has been trusted for nearly half a century in the treatment of more than 2 million structures. It's the best option for total‑home drywood termite protection.

Vikane is 100% effective treatment for bedbugs. Because it leaves no residue, sulfuryl fluoride provides no protection from future infestations, although heavy re-infestation can take several years since drywood termites have slower growing colonies than ground termites.

Controlling Bed Bugs

Once nearly eradicated as a common pest, bed bugs are again infesting the United States. When bed bug infestations are extensive and immediate eradication is required, chamber fumigating for specific items or full structure fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant is the best solution.


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