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"A certificate of fumigation will be issued and will be available upon pick-up or delivery of the items."


We offer the most advanced method of containment and structural fumigation, by a trained fumigation specialist that has the knowledge and expertise to safely and successfully eliminate bed bugs with 100% guaranteed effectiveness. In order to kill bed bugs with 100% success, you must kill all bed bug life stages, most importantly the egg, which Sulfuryl Fluoride (Vikane) attacks during the fumigation exposure process.

Fumigation is performed by using a chamber fumigation method. Contents will be fumigated using Vikane gas. Introduced in 1961 by Dow Agro Science, it’s approved for use on articles such as: Clothing, Musical Equipment, Electronics, Artwork, Furniture, and other HHG / personal items.

This has proven to be the most effective way to kill bed bugs and other pests, in all stages of life. This includes those that cannot be found through visual inspection since the fumigant penetrates cracks and crevices to reach bed bugs where they live and hide.

Following fumigation, items are aerated until the fumigated container reaches a level of zero parts per million. A certificate of fumigation will be issued and will be available upon pick-up or delivery of the items.

The cost of fumigation is based on the size of the fumigation chamber and/or by the number of items being fumigated. Service is provided at the site of our fumigation chamber.

When container fumigation is necessary customers are responsible for delivery, loading, unloading and pickup of all items being fumigated or we can arrange for these services to be provided by one of our service provider partners.


  • US/Canada Cross Boarder Fumigation
  • Mattress Fumigation
  • Overseas container Fumigation
  • Containment/Chamber Fumigation
  • Vehicle Fumigation
  • Luggage Fumigation
  • Chamber Leasing
  • Local, Nationwide and International Moving and Shipping
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